Jake Peterson Real Estate | Home Selling Process
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Utah Home Selling Process

The home selling process is much simpler when expectations are set ahead of time. The steps outlined will help you make informed decisions. Most real estate transactions are unique and you may not find all the answers here. Feel free to reach out to us to answer any of your questions you have.

Comparative Market Analysis

Give us a call at 801-258-1705 to get a FREE, CMA report and ask as many questions as you want. A CMA report allows you to understand the current market value for your home based on comparable homes in your area and their selling price. Each home is unique and the following should be considered when selecting a selling price:

  • Has the home been remodeled?
  • Does the home have valuable fixtures?
  • Does the home have internal or external obsolescence?
  • Will the home be listed with chattel property?

Is the home ready to sell?

Getting your home ready to sell can be a difficult process. When you’re ready to move forward and list your home, consider the following:

  • Look at the home in the eyes of the buyer
  • Make changes that have been recommended by the agent
  • Though difficult, remove emotional attachment. Try to accept the home as a product to sell. Not a place where memories have been made.
  • List it when YOU are ready to list it.

Pricing to sell your home

So many options and variables when it comes to selling your Utah home. Is the home remodeled? What if the listing price is too high? What if it is too low? Part science, marketing and negotiating. Below are some ideas to get the right listing price:

  • Value relates to local sales prices and location
  • Basic economic principle – supply and demand
  • The listing price is NOT the whole deal. Closing costs and other items will be negotiated as part of the deal

Marketing your Utah home

Each home is unique but there are many marketing tactics that can get a lot of perspective buyers viewing your home. One of the biggest differentiators that Jake Peterson Real Estate provides as a service is a Vid House.¬† We’ll provide a Vid House¬†(video open house) and post it online to appropriate channels. This will allow more opportunities for people to view the listing.

Sell your Utah home

The day has come and you’ve received an offer. Now what?

  • Is the offer near asking price?
  • What are the clauses offered by the buyer?
  • What are proposed seller costs?
  • In most instances, the first offer is the best offer

Closing your Utah home

Closing is complex and is where all the pieces of the home selling process comes together. Consider the following:

  • If buyer can’t get financing, the close is most likely not going to happen. Review the buyer’s pre-approval letter
  • In most instances, a home inspection isn’t a pass or fail outcome
  • Lender has conditions before providing a loan, this may take some time
  • Closing date is most often controlled by third parties
  • Transactions are accepted
  • Give up the keys